Pool maintenance is a necessary activity when you have a swimming pool. Failure to do consistent and proper maintenance will lead to a pool that is infested with bacteria and unsafe to swim. It will also lessen the lifespan of your swimming pool as well as the filter and pump. This will cost you money and effort in the long run. One of the most important parts of pool maintenance is vacuuming your pool regularly and properly.

Two Ways to Vacuum Your Pool

There are two main ways on how to go around with vacuuming your pool.  These are as follows.

  1. Use automatic pool vacuum. The easiest and most efficient way is to actually just buy an automatic pool cleaner with just a single push of a button. Admittedly, is also a bit costly but will definitely last long.  It will keep your pool pump and pool filter last longer. If you are looking for an automatic full cleaner that is easy to use, consider getting an above ground pool vacuum.
  2. Manually vacuum your pool. Just be ready to spend quite a lot of time doing so, especially for those that are in the ground. There are also quite a lot of steps to do so.

How to Vacuum Your Pool

Follow this step-by-step swimming pool guide to give utmost pool care.

  1. Prepare the right material or equipment. Get the vacuum head and the pole to attach the vacuum head. Prepare it on the side of the pool. Got a vacuum hose that is as deep as the swimming pool. You should also get what we call a Skim Vac, or more popularly known as a vacuum plate.


  1. Start assembling. Attach the vacuum head to the pole that you are going to use. Make sure that it is attached to the open end of the pole.


  1. Connect the top of the pool vacuum head to pool vacuum hose connector. If you are finding this difficult, then you can use what we call a hose clamp so that the risk of the hose slipping off would be lessened.


For the vacuum plate, attach it to the other end of the hose that is against the return jet. Make sure that the opening is blocked and that it is over to the skimmer. Having a good deal will make sure that there will be no suction power that is lost. To help you visualize, the flow would start from the vacuum head, go through the hose, into the said skimmer and then the filtration system. By this time, you should be ready to vacuum your pool.

General Reminders and Precautions When Vacuuming Your Pool

In order to keep you and your pool equipment safe while you vacuum your pool, be sure to follow proper tool usage provided in the manufacturer’s manual.

It is recommended to vacuum your pool at least once a week. Also, equip yourself with these reminders before vacuuming.

  1. The pump and filter should be running so that you can take the open end of the hose against a return jet. The purpose of this is to get the air out. How will you know if the air has been completely taken away from the pool? Simple. Once you start this process, you will actually see a lot of air bubbles from the vacuum head. Once the vacuum head no longer produces any kind of air bubbles, that means that the air in the water has been successfully removed.


  1. If your filter system is a sand pool filter, please do not backwash the filter before vacuuming. The reason is that a sand pool filter may affect the water in your pool because the particles actually remain in the sand. The backwash may actually make your pool even dirtier so make sure that the same filter will not have or do any kind of backwash.


  1. For your pool filter, make sure that the main control valve is off. When the pump has already been activated, that is the time you can turn on the control valve that is attached to your skin. You can just open it a little bit until the pump runs smoothly. Once the pump is operating properly, you can just close it.


  1. Vacuum slowly and in a linear form. Also, do not lift off the head of the vacuum until you have reached the filter slab. You should open up any valve that you may have closed. It is also advisable to skim the pool of any large debris like leaves and branches.

Once you have done the instructions in this swimming pool guide, you can be sure that vacuuming your pool will be an easier and more effective activity than ever before.

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