As a society, we may have underestimated the transformative power of floaties.

Seriously. Pool floats and toys can make or break your summertime hangout, and when it comes to buying them there are more options than information

There are so many products on the market these days, it can be difficult to purchase anything. That’s why we’re bringing you this comprehensive pool floatie guide with some of the very best lounge pool floats and toys for you to consider.

Whether you’re looking for lounge-friendly furniture or interactive games for the whole family, the blow-up bonanza is packing some serious heat this summer.

Classic Pool Floats and Toys to Keep on Hand at all Times

The art of lounging is serious business.

When it comes to pool floats and toys, there are several classic products you just can’t live without. People have been using these ever since chlorine came out, and there’s a reason for that. These products have withstood the test of time and remain must-haves to this day.

1. Tube floats

These tire-shaped floaties are perfect for relaxing on the calm water. The hole in the middle allows your bottom to rest comfortably in the water while your legs and arms dangle over the sides, fingers gently skimming the surface of the water.

However, tube floats are getting a bit more exciting. Check out this Kissing Lips tube float, featured on USA Today’s list of top 20 pool floats for 2017. It’s structurally the same as a standard tube but with a bit more stylistic flair.

2. Pool Noodles

You really can’t change perfection. Pool noodles were first invented in the seventies, and since then have undergone very little design change. Why would they? They’re fun, versatile (think water swords, underwater balance beams, and oversized bendy-straws) and about as cheap as it gets.

Purchase these at your local store or online. Pool noodles are a standard that no pool would be complete without.

3. Lounge Pool Floats

Blow-up lounge chairs have been a constant for years. These rectangular beds are perfect for lounging or tanning while floating in the water. In a pinch you can push someone off of one and establish yourself “King of the Chair”, a coveted position among siblings and fun-loving adults.

For a new twist on a classic product, purchase interestingly shaped and colorful designs like the Blue Wave Tropical Flip Flop Float that’s featured on

Bring Out Your Inner Child with New Pool Innovations

You don’t have to be a kid to play games.

Arguably, toys get more fun the older you get. This applies doubly when water is involved. There’s nothing like a good game to get everyone moving around in the water, and the list of interesting games grows larger every year.

These are the top new toys fresh on the market that pretty much take the cake of summertime fun.

  • Torpedoes and Dive Toys: Although dive toys have been around for awhile, they are always changing. New hydrodynamic designs are constantly coming out on the market, and that’s why torpedos and dive toys have a spot at the top of the list.
  • Water Seesaws: How awesome would it be to have an actual playground in your pool? Well now you can.

The see-saw rocks according to the motion of whoever is on it — simply grab the handles and pull yourself forward, you’ll be rocking in no time!

  • Motorized Pool Floats: They’re a thing now. Motorized pool floats are actually all the rage these days thanks to longer battery life and the rise of new technology. They allow you drive and steer the pool float wherever you want in the water.

Try out these motorized bumper boats to have some bumping good fun in the water today! These are designed to knock into each other, so don’t be afraid to bump your friends, family and neighbors.

  • Inflatable Water Slides: Besides being awesome, inflatable poolside water slides eliminate many of the safety concerns associated with plastic or metal water slides. They are easy to assemble and disassemble and in many cases less expensive than traditional slides.

Check out the Intex Water Slide on Amazon to see what all the fuss is about.

No matter how you inflate it (har har), pool toys are getting better and better every year. Don’t be afraid to make a few purchases to transform your pool into the fantasy dream-playground you’ve always wanted it to be!

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