Swimming Pool is the pride and joy of many homeowners. It provides tremendous refreshment during hot summer days and even increases the value of your property. Now, while it takes an immense investment to set up a swimming pool in your backyard, it is worth every dollar spent. You do not even need a gigantic yard to take a dip in your own backyard. These 5 small pool designs will make you re-think everything you know about swimming pools.

What are the Common Small Pool Designs?

Swimming pools come in all size and shapes. The most important factor while deciding on the type and design of the pool is the space available. The good thing is that you can set up a refreshingly satisfying pool in your backyard regardless of the area available.

Concrete and vinyl are great options for small pool designs. These can be molded in the shape and size required. Fiberglass will be a tricky choice as they come in pre-made designs and sizes. These are few common small pool designs that are the rage now.

Classic Styles

If you have a classic backyard, then you need a classically styled pool. Most modern homes involve clean and simple designs with straight lines. Contemporary small pool designs will fit right in with the landscape around your home. You can let the pool act as an extension to your home with a lovely deck in between. You might not get the size of a giant lap pool, but, the classic rectangular pool will be a satisfying addition to your backyard.

Cubic forms commonly found to rule the exteriors of a home is perfect for this small pool design. You need to ensure that your deck acts as a transitional zone between the edifice and the pool. You might spruce up the area with some ornamental plants and deck chairs. You could also station a grill at the deck to make your parties a raving success. The usual rectangular size pool that never fails can be as small as 9 x 18 feet. However, you can change the dimensions as per the size available to you.

Sidelining The House

Your home has a lot of unnecessary space left on the sides and back. You can make use of this space to feature in this trendy small pool design. You can compare the pool with a canal that runs right along the boundary. This pool can give you the space to do laps. However, it will be at a right angle.

This style involves using one corner of the home with the pool running along the backyard and a side. You can choose your own dimension widths and length. This is a great idea for homeowners who do not have plenty of backyard space. However, you need to understand that this style of a pool will require a lot of maintenance and investment.

Deep Pool Ideas

There are many backyards that do not have the space to fit in a pool of a classic style. You can invest in a plunge pool in this case. There won't be any space for you to swim. However, you will have a great place to soak up the sun and stay cool. There is a little square footage required with plunge pools. These technically rely more on the depth rather than length and breadth.

There will be many contractors who would try to encourage you to install a Jacuzzi instead. And even if it sounds like a good idea, it is not. A Jacuzzi requires a lot of investment and maintenance. Plunge pools are easy to install and will fit right in with any kind of deck. However, you need to ensure that it has a boundary if you have small pets or children at home.

Build Curves

There are other small pool designs you can use if you are not a conformist at heart. These include circular designs with many twists and curves on the circumference. You can create a dreamy tropical theme by adding heavy foliage and canopy alongside. Curvy pools can give the appearance of more space without the sterile, modern lines. You can make it look spectacular with some exotic canopy and a fashionable deck. If designed as a right circular or a semi-circle it can appear bigger than it is.

Other Small Pool Designs

Every pool need not be spacious or long and wide. You can design a small pool that fits in with the theme of your backyard. A petite pool can vary on the depths and even have a ledge for you to sit on while in the pool. These pools are small and do not allow for swimming. These differ from plunge pools as they are not deep. Petite pools are ideal for people who have small children and not much backyard space.

You can make these pools look great by adding the right lighting. These pools require a deck area that can be fashioned out of stones, marble, granite, wood or any other option. The extravagance of a petite pool is in the deck. Hence, you need to make sure that you design it right with patio chairs and ornamental plants as per the theme you want.

What are the Costs and What to Keep in Mind

Small pool designs definitely cost less than the large pools. You can save up on massive amounts of dollars by keeping it shallow as well. The chunk of pool cost is in the excavation and material you use such as concrete, fiberglass or vinyl. Fiberglass is by far the cheapest material with concrete being the most expensive. Fiberglass designs are pre-made and are available in specific designs. These might not conform to the pool idea you have in mind. However, fiberglass pools require the least amount of maintenance.

How to Pick the Right Small Pool Design for you

Small pool designs depend majorly on the space you have available. You can look at other factors such as shape and style once you identify the dimensions. These are pointers you must keep in mind while zeroing on a design option.

Space Available

You need to measure the space available before you even think about designs. You also need to pay attention to the existing style in your house in order to build a matching pool style. Every backyard is different, and you'll need to work with the space available to you. You also need to feature in a deck. If you are planning on keeping deck chairs, then you require at least 7 feet of deck space.

Curvy pools are great for people who require more deck space. The free-form characteristics provide more decking options. While a contemporary and classic style is perfect for people, who want more lap area. If your backyard is small, then you could fit into a plunge pool that would allow you to cool off during the hot summer months.


Setting up a pool in your courtyard is an individual decision that depends on the finances available. There are multiple small pool designs you can choose as per the investment you are ready to make. The cheapest pool options are fiberglass. However, these might not conform to the size available in your backyard. The next best option is a vinyl that does not require much maintenance. You can create concrete pools to suit your backyard space and deck options. However, these require more investment.


Installing a pool is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to consider maintenance costs and efforts. Small pool designs will require less maintenance than big ones. However, there are other variables that come into play such as landscape around the pool, water quality and whether you have an automatic cleaner.

Concrete pools are among the hardest to clean. These are difficult to maintain on a long-term and seasonal basis. Vinyl pools are easy to clean as compared to concrete options. However, these require the vinyl to be replaced on an average of every 8 to 11 years. These are also easier to maintain in terms of cleaning and chemicals. Fiberglass pools need the least amount of maintenance by far on both seasonal and long-term basis.

Additional Features

Small pool designs are not limited to adding extra features. You can add any swimming pool accessory you like such as pool lights, heaters, and automatic covers. You can integrate a Baja shelf or a tanning ledge as well right into your pool.


A swimming pool is not a luxury only for homes with wide open spaces. You can also fit a functional and beautiful pool in your home. Small pool designs work as a refreshing option in your courtyard. However, it is important that you invest a few hours in identifying your expectations and what you expect the end goal to be like. You can create vinyl and concrete pools in whatever shape you like. Freeform pools are more common among small backyards as they allow space for decking, landscaping and patio furniture options.

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