A good pool maintenance system should have skimming as one of its central activities. In fact, skimming is best done daily and should be the first step in any weekly or monthly pool maintenance. The good thing about your skimming swimming pool is that it is not exactly rocket science.

In its simplest form, skimming your pool is simply taking out all of the floating debris and the detritus, which is primarily branches and leaves that are floating on the surface of your pool. Usually, people skim their pool by getting a net attached to a long pole or handle. They then manually get the pesky floating debris. It is basically cleaning the floor of your house, but instead of taking away dirt from a solid floor you are taking away floating waste from the surface of the pool.

The Importance of Skimming Your Pool

This is perhaps the easiest step in maintaining your pool. However, it is also the most necessary. Why? Because any floating debris on the surface has the tendency to sink into the swimming pool bed or floor. That will give it time and environment to decompose and possibly pollute the water. Decomposition of any kind of material, whether organic or inorganic, can lead to becoming a food source for colonies of bacteria and even pests. This will make your swimming pool possible breeding grounds of unsanitary germs. This will affect your health and the health of other swimmers, like friends and family members.

Your health is not the only one affected by these germs and bacteria. The swimming pool equipment, particularly the pool pump and the pool filter will have a faster wear and tear. This will lessen their lifespan and will cost you in the long run. Not only that, but the performance of the equipment will be compromised. The damage will also show with time. Your pool pump will have lower strength, which means it needs more energy, which will eat your utility bills.

Can you imagine doing your monthly maintenance without skimming the pool first? That would be disastrous. Your pool pump may get clogged by a stray leaf or your filter not operating well because a branch got stuck, thus the need to follow swimming pool guide and hiring expert technicians to maintain your pool is a must.

The Three Kinds of Skimming Equipment

There are three kinds of skimming tools equipment that can offer platinum pool care. These are as follows:

  1. Robot. The robot will automatically take care of your swimming pool skimming. It stores the free solar energy and then operates itself. It takes all of the floating debris without you directing or even nudging it. No need to plug it. It senses all of the floating debris for you, and will also clean the surface while travelling to the floating detritus.


  1. Pool skimmer basket. For those who prefer the more conventional equipment, you can instead opt for a pool skimmer basket. This is an important part of a pool skimmer kit. You place it on top of the skimmer and it will hold any of the floating detritus that pollutes your pool. It is basically a basket with a lot of holes on the side where the skimmer can suck up the floating debris and let the pool skimmer basket hold it for you. Pool skimmer baskets are very cheap to get and Amazon has a ton of them waiting to be purchased so that you can just rest easy while the pool skimming kit does the work.


They come in different sizes and shapes, but most of them are round like the ones that you can see in a laundry basket. You should get one that is new, sturdy and has a big capacity. Generally, a pool the size of 700 square feet would need around two to three skimmers to remain pristine and clean. However, these are not automatic or active, meaning they take some time before they clean. They wait until the leaves or branches go inside, so if you want to have a clean pool immediately, you may need to work for it yourself.


  1. Pool skimmer net. For those who prefer doing the manual labor themselves, then you can get a pool skimmer net. It looks like the nets that you see in pet stores that catch the goldfish. Think of it as a strainer that you have to use to get the leaves. This is the cheapest skimming tool that you can get. However, it entails your time and effort. You just have to make time for manually skimming the pool.

A robotic pool skimmer can definitely help you get the job done fast and properly. A clean and clear swimming pool with no effort on your part! Can you imagine how convenient that is?  For those who think a robot is too expensive for a complete pool care, you can just opt for a pool skimmer basket that will just passively clean your pool. Lastly, if you are a hands-on person, then you can just use a pool skimming net to do the job. You take care of the cleanliness of the pool, and the pool will keep you and your loved ones healthy while swimming.



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