Although you may want to be stranded in your own pool, having a ladder will certainly help you out come Monday morning.

After all, “I’m stuck in my pool” doesn’t really qualify as a valid excuse for missing work — and that’s where pool ladders come in handy.

These awesome devices are pretty much obligatory for any pool owner who doesn’t want to watch his or her guests struggle with slippery siding as they climb from the water.

Having a ladder in the pool will make for an easier transition to and from the water and will keep a smile on your friends’ faces.

So, how do you know which pool ladder to choose?

Pool Ladders Galore — Which One is Right for You?

No matter what your personal needs are, there’s a pool ladder to fit them. The good news is that ladders come in every variety of shapes, sizes and specializations — and are available for every price range.

Determining which type of pool you have will help you decide what ladder to get. There are a few key differences between above ground and inground pool ladders.

  • Above ground pool ladders: Above ground ladders will most likely be purchased separately from the pool itself. Ladders can hang from hooks on the sides of the pool when there is a deck or area to step from. When there is no deck, an A frame ladder can be purchased so you can climb up and over the sides and into the pool. These ladders rely on gravity to stabilize.


  • Inground pool ladders: Often built into the pool at initial construction. Inground ladders purchased separately can be styled to hang from the side of the pool, or they can rest on the bottom of the pool propped up by the sides. Inground pool ladders purchased separately are generally less stable because they rely more on traction, not gravity.


Next you’ll want to consider your own personal needs and tastes.

Do you have small children? You’ll want extra safety features. There are many ladders that actually come with a lockable “gate”, like the Confer Entry System. With its completely enclosed stepladder and guardrails, this entry system is one of the best for ensuring the safety of children in above ground pools.

Don’t need all that fancy stuff? You can get a simple ladder like the Vinyl Works A-Frame. This ladder fits nicely above the pool, allowing you to simply climb up and over the pool wall. It also comes with a feature allowing you to slide the outside of the ladder upwards and lock it into place, barring wandering children or animals from climbing inside.

For inground pools, you’ll want a ladder that rests comfortably on the surrounding deck or patio. You can choose one like the  Confer Deluxe, which won Best Inpool Ladder in Ezvid Wiki. This model is simple to install and easy to use. It is able to accomodate children and elderly people as well as the able bodied.

Other Factors to Consider When Purchasing Pool Ladders

Choosing the right ladder at the initial purchase will have a big impact on how much maintenance you have to do.

You’ll want a ladder made of chlorine and chemical-resistant material. Aluminum and stainless steel are popular materials, although plastics and resins are on the rise as well. These won’t get hot in the sun like metal ladders, so they may  be more comfortable if your pool is in direct sunlight.

To extend the life of your ladder, take it out of the pool on the off-season or (if you’re really ready to commit) when everyone is done swimming for the day.

Eventually the ladder will wear down no matter what material you’ve chosen. After a few years you may want to buy a new ladder if your old one is deteriorating. If something smaller breaks like a handrail or step, it’s possible to replace that specific part.

Fortunately, pool ladder step replacement is a relatively simple process. Buying replacement steps from the same company you got your ladder from originally will make it easier and faster. They may even be covered in your warranty.

Sturdy pool ladders are necessary to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone. You’ll want a ladder that can comfortably accommodate the people who’ll  be using it, so check the weight capacity and general specs of anything you buy.

Aesthetics are important as well. You don’t want to have something safe that you can’t stand to look at, so weigh your options carefully and choose something you love.

Most likely, your ladder won’t be forever. But by choosing something durable, sturdy and safe you’ll be able to get in and out of your pool with comfort and convenience for years to come.

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