A swimming pool is one of the most aesthetically pleasing aspects of your home. With a little research, creative input and expert advice you can create a fantastic outdoor feature. Tiles are an important feature of the pool. The right pool tile can increase the look of the swimming pool and the surrounding area. However, choosing the right tiles are not just about style and aesthetics. There are other factors such as safety and maintenance that are important. The perfect tile will give your swimming pool a stunning appearance and welcoming aura.

What are Pool Tiles?

The tiles that are laid down inside and around your pool are called pool tiles. The factors to consider when choosing tiles for both of these areas are different. For instance, we recommend slip-proof tiles to be placed around the swimming pool area. Ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics are among the two most common types of pool interior tiles.

Many people wonder if they can use basic home tiles in their pool. This cannot be done because a swimming pool tile needs to be dense and have low water absorption. There are several benefits to lining your pool with tiles from safety to enhanced appearance.

Why Line Your Pool?

You can achieve a premium finish in your pool by lining them. Pool tiles result in superior durability and silky smooth appearance. Fully tiled pools also have a big positive impact on your property’s resale value. These tiles make it easier to maintain and clean the pool. Another important benefit of laying down tiles is to maintain control over the color of the water.

Tiled swimming pool

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The color of the water is the first thing that people notice when they walk into a swimming pool area. You can achieve different hues in the water by using different tiles. For instance, you can make the water appear greener by using chocolate colored tiles. You can lay pool tiles on any type of pool shell. You can even make your fiberglass pool look like an in-ground concrete pool by placing tiles all around it.

Ceramic Tile vs. Glass Mosaics

Ceramic tiles are more popular than glass mosaics. They have, in fact, stood the test of time in making the pool shell become vibrant.  However, over the past 10 years, glass tiles are gaining popularity because of their finishing effects. Glass mosaics are available in more colors and styles. These also provide a variety of finishing effects such as crystal, pearl, and gold. These can shimmer and sparkle to make your pool come alive.


Glass mosaic tiles in crystal glass variety range from 20mm to 48mm. Common measurements for ceramic tiles differ according to the shape. Square tiles are usually 23mm and rectangles are 95 X 45mm. It is important that you do not use tiles more than 100mm in dimension as they do not fit well. Sprayed swimming pools have curved bottoms and big tiles do not look good. The most common size used to tile a swimming pool is 20 X 58mm.

Coloring Options

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Image by The Lazy Artist Gallery via Pexels

Pool tile is usually found in an array of different color shades. These shades are available in both ceramic and glass tiles. Many people use white and blue tiles to bring out a contrast. Other popular tile colors are charcoal, black, and aqua. There are also many bright colors that can add a splash to your pool.

Safety & Style

Pool tile contributes to enhanced safety in and around your pool. They also help in creating a style statement. However, you need to make sure that you use the right tile for the purpose.

Safety Around Your Pool

You need to make sure that the tiles you install provide a firm grip to the feet. The area around a pool is usually always wet. The tile should be slip resistant to promote safety. The tiles should be resistant to smoothening as well. It is possible for tiles to lose their grip and roughness over the years with continuous use.

Pool tiles are different from their indoor siblings. They need to have low water absorption for which they need to be fired at high temperatures. Hence, you should never use wall tiles to line your pool shell. The tiles should be in a sheet form with a mesh backing so that they are easier to place on the pool floor.

Current Trends

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Pool tiles traditionally used to be square shaped. However, changing trend has made rectangle tiles available. You can use different grout colors such as white or grey to make your tiles stand out. Mosaic blends are fast becoming fashionable in many swimming pools. These blends use at least 3 different colors to make an image stand out. However, minimalism is also a popular trend. Hence, using mosaic pictures is a choice and depends upon the style you want to flaunt.

It is possible to change the water color by using the right tile color. It is best to choose the watercolor you require and then decide on the tile. You can choose a waterline tile for your pool by contrasting it or matching it with water. You can also match the tiles to pool coping color. However, the most popular trend is to contrast the waterline tile with watercolor.

Design Choices

It is not enough for you to pour water into your pool to make it look good. The pool tiles can speak volumes about your aesthetic abilities and style. You do not even have to spend much to create a neat design inside your pool. You can buy multiple basic colored tiles to create a design of your own. Alternatively, if you have a big budget, you can choose decorative tiles that have individual designs on them. You can create any kind of visual impact depending upon the pool tile of your choice.

Tips on Choosing Your Pool Tile

These 5 tips will help you choose the right pool tile:

Check Your Finances

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Laying down tiles around your pool can be a costly investment. You need to ensure that it is within your budget before you start the project. Make sure to consider the cost of tiles and the remuneration of the contractor while drawing up a budget. You can compare prices from a variety of dealers to find the most cost-effective option. Many times there are additional charges involved which need to be considered.

Designer tiles and glass mosaic tiles are more expensive than regular ceramic tiles. You can choose a design or style that fits perfectly with your budget. It is important that you choose affordable tiling options that allow you to stay within budget.

Check Lifetime Guarantee

Pool tiles can be an expensive investment. This is also a project that you cannot embark on every year. Hence, make sure that your pool tiles come with a lifetime guarantee. These might appear more expensive in the short run. However, they are worth every dollar spent in the long term. Make sure that the guarantee covers both damage and color fading. Pool tiles are created differently from regular tiles. They are supposed to be blasted at high temperature to make them low water absorbing. You can save costly repair expenses by laying tiles that come with a lifetime guarantee.

Pick Different Tiles

It is a rookie mistake to lay the same tiles inside and around your pool. Tiles serve different purposes depending on the pool area. The area around the perimeter of the swimming pool will require slip-resistant tiles that do not fade easily. The tiles inside the pool need to be durable. The tiles that you use on the floor and wall of the pool will be made of slate, stone or pebble. It is recommended that these be slip-resistant as well.

Beautifully tiled swimming pool

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Blue and white are among the most common color choices for pool tiles. It is important that you avoid using darker shades for deeper pool areas as it will distort the color. It will also make the pool depth less evident. You can use contrasting colors to make your pool appear more attractive. Bright colors can be -added to create a splash of light in the pool. You can also use mosaic tiles.

Installation & Maintenance

It is important that you understand the basic installation process while buying tiles. The actual work shall be carried out by an experienced tiller. However, you need to make sure that the tiller is doing the right job and not damaging your tiles in any way. You also need to ask about the maintenance. There will be scum buildup on the tiles after some time. You need to ask about the right kind of chemicals that will protect the surface of the tile. Sometimes the wrong chemicals can result in damages such as the fading of the tile color.

Request Samples

You can request samples before you finally place the order. This will help you understand the actual look of a particular tile inside your pool. This will also give you more design ideas regarding placement.


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It is important that you pay attention to size, color, maintenance, finish, and other factors while choosing your tiles. You should make sure that the tiles are affordable and within your budget. You can enhance the longevity of your pool tiles if you maintain them properly.



Featured image by Tirachard Kumtanom via Pexels.

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