Pool pumps are a vital part of your swimming pool system, especially with how necessary pool pumps are to be part of a system that is connected to pool filters. Here are a few things you need to know about pool pumps

The Three Classifications of Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are mainly classified into three depending on their speed. Most of the older models either more affordable single speed pool pump. Up to the early 2000’s, most of the pool pumps are actually single speed.

  1. Single speed pool pumps. These are engines that can only pump water in or out in just one kind of speed. The good thing about this is that the speed that is usually found in these kinds of pumps is extremely fast, which will make the lifespan of not only the pump but also the filter and the pool itself. This is because it creates a lot of pressure and friction that not only increases your power or utility bills but also the usage, which considerably hastens the wear and tear of other equipment like the pool filter.
  1. Dual speed pool pumps.  This kind of pump is an improvement from the previous one since the flow of the water can be controlled and you can regulate which speed, usually a high-pressure speed and another lower pressure speed, so that you can be assured that the water levels are constant and at the same time lessen the pressure when no one is using the pool. However, this is still limited since there are only two options.
  1. Variable speed pool pumps. This kind of pool pump is getting more and more popular because it saves a lot of money in the long run. The great thing about these kinds of pumps is that they can slash your utility bills for your swimming pool by almost 80%. Not only that, we can also learn from the lifespan of not only the pump itself but also of the filtration system of the whole swimming pool. They can also filter much more efficiently. They are also reducing lesser noise and in some states, you can get utility rebates.

Pool Heat Pump

A pool heat pump is important for swimmers, since night swimming is fun but the water can be too cold for comfort. A pool heat pump can either be air-source, meaning they get the heat from the atmosphere. This is the more common kind of heating pump. The other one is more used for bigger projects and they get their heat from the water itself.

Heat pumps actually do not generate heat but instead have the water pass through a system where compressed and heated air blows on the usually cold water in the pump. This air raises the temperature of the water coming in your swimming pool, which makes the swimming pool less cold and a bit warmer than before.

The one thing that you have to focus on whenever you are buying a pool pump is that you must make sure of the quality of the pool pump motors. This applies to variable speed pool pumps that can also function as a pool heat pump. Make sure that you have a good warranty since a pool pump repair can be quite costly. Finding the best pool pump should be your top priority.

It is suggested that if you choose a variable speed pool pump that is also capable of heating your swimming pool. Connecting with it should be a sand pool filter so that you can be assured that the water that is found and heated is clean and safe and at the same time a sand filter pump would last longer compared to a cartridge pool filter.

Maintenance and Care

Most people perceive that maintaining and taking care of pool pumps is very difficult and complex. It really is not still it is very important to have a quality of your pool filter; this really affects the lifespan and efficiency of your pool pump. That is why a bi-monthly inspection and cleaning of the pool filter is imperative.
To clean your cartridge filter, just wash it or hose the cartilage down. If it is a sand pool filter, just replacing part of the sand with newer ones will do the trick.

As long as there are no holes or cracks in the pool pump, this will ensure a long life of usage. A monthly cleaning of the pump itself is imperative. For the monthly cleaning, make sure to clean the engine with chemicals made specifically for the pool motor. Sometimes, articles and other chemicals may contaminate the pump itself, which can show up as rust or any other stain. Sometimes, articles and other chemicals may contaminate the pump itself which can show up as rust or any other stain. Better yet, go and hire a professional. That way you will be assured of quality of service as well as you will save time and effort.

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