Are you suffering from a woeful watering hole?

Don’t worry. We’ve all been there.

Fortunately there’s about a million easily accessible products that can spice up the life of your pool, make general maintenance easier and provide hours of fun.

There are even a few products out there that have the potential to turn your backyard swimming pool into a sparkling oasis of summertime gathering glory.

Top Three Pool Parts and Accessories You Need

The transforming power of a few parts and accessories can go a long way toward making your summer more fun, relaxing and stress-free.

The best pool accessories are durable and serve a purpose while still being easy on the eyes and simple to maintain. They add an element of fun and can create hours of diversion on a summer afternoon.

This list is based on the components of usefulness, attractiveness and the most important: awesomeness (slightly subjective, but hey).

1. UE Blast Waterproof Speaker

We all know the pain of an accidentally-dunked speaker.

Even if you keep your sound system a safe distance from the pool, chances are it could get wet. This is especially true if you want to turn your backyard into the latest and greatest bar/club/neighborhood dance studio in town.

Having a waterproof speaker will allow you to relax, not having to worry about who is splashing where. The UE (Ultimate Ears) Blast has everything you need: Powerful sound and strong quality with bluetooth and Amazon Alexa capabilities.

The UE was even voted the number one best waterproof speaker on

2. Powerbreather Wave Underwater Breathing Device

Ever wish you had superhuman powers?

Well, now you can!

Kind of. This unique device allows you to breathe effortlessly underwater — it’s not just a glorified snorkel. It’s got one-of-a-kind technology that eliminates pretty much all the problems associated with traditional snorkels including humidity, water intake and discomfort.

The Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition is streamlined, effective and used by both professional and amateur athletes around the world. It’s suitable for use out in the ocean, too.

Get yours today to swim like the majestic marine creature you’ve always wanted to be.

3. Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaner

Pool maintenance is unequivocally the least fun part about owning your own pool.

However, it doesn’t have to be the time-sucking nightmare of years past. Buying an automatic pool cleaner will change the way you feel about maintenance, turning from  a monotonous chore into a simple flick of the switch.

The Aquabot has models available for both in-ground and above-ground pools. In fact, the above ground version won a spot on The Spruce’s list of  7 best pool cleaners for 2017. The Aquabot combines aptitude with good pricing, giving you a cleaner you can count on to make your life easier.

How to Get Your Pool Parts for a Low Price

Ah, the quest for discount pool accessories.

They say everything is cheaper on the internet, and buying swimming pool parts online is no exception. The convenience of having things delivered to your door simply cannot be beat, and online retailers know this.

So where should you start? Amazon is a great place to buy accessories and swimming pool replacement parts. They sometimes offer discounts to loyal customers, but most of the time you’re buying at retail price — good for things like floaties, but not ideal for the more expensive stuff.

A great way to search for sweet deals on pool supplies is by looking to auction websites, which allow people to sell new or even used products at their own price. Sometimes you can get massive discounts, but make sure to use a reputable site like ebay, which has customer protections in place to prevent fraud.

You can also sometimes find deals for pool supplies on websites like Overstock. Overstock buys items from companies at a highly discounted rate and thus can sell them to you for (generally) a much lower rate.

A good way to  knock the price of pool parts down another notch is to collect coupon codes to use on popular websites. You don’t have to dig far to find these coupons. Instead try going to a site that specializes in buying tips and coupons like Retail Me Not.

There are tons of amazing products out there, and so many ways to go about finding them it can get overwhelming. You may have more luck if you approach buying pool supplies like an intrepid explorer heading out into the vast unexplored (kind of) territory of online pool supply retail.

Keeping the price affordable is an integral part of pool maintenance. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep your backyard oasis sleek, clean and fun for the summer.

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