The pool filters are the heart and kidney of your swimming pool; they take care of not only making sure that water levels are good by sending in water, but also by taking out waste and other unwanted particles. They also take the bulk of not only the daily cleaning and movement for your swimming pool, but also will be the big focus of your activities if you are doing your pool maintenance. That is why it is extremely important to know the different kinds of pool filter since they work in different ways and have different processes for maintenance and care.

Sand Pool Filter

There are three main types of pool filters. The first one is the pool filter sand, which uses a bed of sand that has the characteristic of filtering dirt. Sand filter tanks usually are made of metal and are examples of above ground pool filters. The good thing about a sand filter tank is that they are very efficient when it comes to cost and lifespan. They last for around 5 to 10 years which is already quite long for a filter.

The sand pool filter is starting to get more and more common and recognized by pool owners due to the fact that it last longer and maintenance is not that difficult. The downside of this kind of procedure is that it costs a bit more when we started off. In the long run however, it will be much cheaper since you don’t have to take out the sand and replace all of it at the same time; you can just replace part of it since this kind of sand is easy to get, is very affordable, and is easy to put in the pool filter.  Another disadvantage for these kinds of filters is that the only use for swimming pools above ground. In rare cases, they can be used for pools in-ground but is not successful with pop-up pools.

Cartridge Pool Filter

The second kind of filter would be a cartridge filter. The great thing about these kinds of filters is that they can cover a much bigger surface area compared to the sand filter. For those who are looking forward to doing lesser pool maintenance, this would be the best filter for you.

What steps should be done to clean a pool filter cartridge?  It is very easy and convenient.  Maintenance can be done by just rinsing off the cartridge. However, kinds of filters usually last for only 3 to 5 years. In fact, most pool filters are cartridge filters, which make finding a pool filter replacement easy and convenient if you are using this kind of a pool filter.

The cartridge filter is actually very great for pools that are above the ground. They are good at removing chemicals that contaminate or bacteria that infect the water. However, the other two kinds of filters work faster than the cartridge pool filter, which means that a cartridge pool filter would be good for bigger holes. But it is better if there are two or more of these filters so that they can share the workload. The thing about cartridge filters is that they may be very easy to maintain and replace but filtration of the pool water will not be successful if the water has too much chemical build up, the filtering cartridge may not be able to handle the workload. Washing or even just hosing the cartridge filter is easy and should be done properly at short regular intervals so your pool will be safe.

Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter

The third kind of filter is a more modern one. It’s composed of powder made up of porous fossils from the bony material. Maintaining this filter is pretty simple since all you need to do is just add more of the material. Plus, adding new Diatomaceous Earth is done once or twice a year.

Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filters are certainly the most expensive, but they are the most effective kind of pool filters. They actually look like a sand pool filter since they are both in a cylindrical tank, however the filtering material is different. Also, these kinds of filters are most often used with in-ground pools. This is because the filtration and cleaning follower of this pool filter is so good that they can take care of pretty much anything that is contaminating your pool. They can be quite costly but if health and safety is your priority, then this is the filter  that you should use.

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