What’s the perfect way to complete your personal pool paradise?

A stunning deck to complement it, of course.

Choosing which kind of deck is right for you depends on many factors. A good deck is all about aesthetics, functionality and personal taste. After all, it’s your space — so you should install something that fits your own style as much as the specs of your pool.

A good deck will transform your space, creating an inviting area for friends and family. It can provide a platform for barbecues and backyard soirees as well as a cozy place for you to relax.

You’ll be relaxing and making merry on this deck for years to come, so  it’s important to make sure you have the deck  you want as well as the deck that serves its purpose best.

Which type of Pool Deck is Best For You?

The type of deck that will most serve you  depends on how you want to spend your time. There are a wide variety of materials to choose from when selecting an inground or above ground pool deck, each with advantages.

1. Wonderful Wood

A wooden deck can be the perfect material to work with. With many hues, textures and colors, wood is one of the most versatile materials in the world. Many homeowners choose to install  their own wooden decks themselves with the help of DIY videos or instruction manuals.

Wood is natural and looks beautiful. If you clean, refinish and maintain it properly, a wooden deck can last a lifetime.

2. Creative Concrete

Concrete is the most versatile material you can work with as far as styling goes. It isn’t just a boring grey sheet anymore, it’s able to be molded into pretty much anything you desire. Using concrete will allow you to choose what texture, color and design you like.

You can make concrete look like anything — tile, stone, wood — and it’s much less expensive. Concrete is durable and will last you a lifetime, making it a great material to work with.

3. Spectacular Stone

Stone is perhaps the most traditional deck material. After all, people have been using it for generations. It’s strong, durable, and will last a lifetime. A stone deck is best utilized for an inground pool. Building a stone deck for an above-ground pool is logistically more difficult.

Stone is easy to clean and requires almost no maintenance, making it a powerful product to consider when building your deck.

4. Stunning Synthetics

Many people choose to utilize synthetic materials like composite decking or resin. These materials are potentially superior because many of them are resistant to the mold, scratches and subsequent  deterioration that plague many natural materials.

Composite decking has a higher initial cost than wood but will last much longer, making it a better  investment for some people. Synthetics now have the ability to look almost exactly like the real thing!

Do-it-Yourself  Decking and Making it Last

If you’re a DIY type of guy (or gal), you may want to consider building your own deck.

Thankfully there are a lot of resources out there to help to amateur carpenter, mason or handyman to build the deck of their dreams. Some people prefer to let their inner creative run wild with the hammer and nails or bag of cement, and others prefer the structure of pool deck kits.

Above ground pool deck kits are typically made of resin, a synthetic polymer that in this case would mimic the appearance of metal. There are also deck kits made from wood or wood composites. You can buy many deck kits through online outlets.

If you  prefer to build your deck yourself, check out this step-by-step system on how to build them properly — you won’t be disappointed you got some guidance!

Every deck needs to be properly maintained, no matter what material you use. Maintenance can often be time consuming and labor intensive. This is part of the reason why low-maintenance materials like synthetics are popular even though they may be more expensive initially.

What maintenance you have to do depends of which material you’ve used. Wood is generally the most high-maintenance, requiring cleaning and refinishing. If you choose to paint your deck you’ll also need to slap on a new coat of pool deck paint every few years.

Resins, stone and composite materials generally require less maintenance. These materials need to be cleaned, but the process is generally much less work. All materials can be power washed to prevent molding and make for easier cleaning.

A deck is one of the best things you can build for yourself and your family. Who knows? Maybe your house (and the new deck) will become the hottest new neighborhood hangout destination!

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