So you've finally got around to selecting your home of choice and have always wanted your swimming pool. You can opt for above ground or in-ground pools depending on your budget, space and personal opinions. Above-ground pools are not esthetic and are not a popular choice for homeowners looking for esthetic pools. In-ground pools look beautiful and do not require a separate deck. The typical choice of materials for in-ground pools includes gunite, vinyl or even fiberglass. You may have heard about gunite pools and want to get one for your home. Gunite pools are an excellent alternative for your home and offer many benefits. Are you worried that you don't know enough about gunite pools to make a final choice? Fret not, for you can read everything you need to know about these pools here -

What Is a Gunite Pool?

It is a concrete pool which is built over a steel grid or framework of steel bars (rebar). Once the rebar framework is built into a pool space, a mixture of concrete or sand called gunite is sprayed over it. Once the gunite dries and sets, plaster is smoothed over it to give it a level finish and to remove the roughness. Gunite is slightly different from shotcrete, another cement-based material. Gunite is essentially dry-mix cement to which water is added later. On the other hand, shotcrete is pre-mixed with water and is wet cement. Gunite concrete is more convenient to apply because the water is mixed on-site, allowing for greater working time than pre-mixed shotcrete.

Why Should I Purchase a Gunite Pool?

Gunite pools offer a world of advantages over other types of pool construction materials. Vinyl pools are not as durable as gunite ones and are easily damaged as well requiring liner changes. Pools made of gunite score over other pool types in many ways. Take a look at the many benefits of gunite pools and reasons why you should purchase it:


The top reason to buy a gunite pool is its durability and toughness. It is an excellent option if you are looking for strong and long-lasting constructions that will give you many years of service. They last longer than vinyl pools that are less durable and short-lived options for pool constructions.

Versatile Designing

Another reason to opt for a gunite pool is its adaptability of design to any size and shape of the swimming pool area. It can be constructed to suit any given space of any shape and size, so you do not need any specifications to get this pool built. So go ahead and get the pool you've always wanted without worry about pool dimensions. These pools are created in your home or commercial sites, whereas fiberglass pools are pre-built to suit a certain pool space. This allows gunite pools to have a lot of room for custom-made designing of the shape and size to suit every taste and esthetic.

Variety of Finishes

Gunite pools can be finished in a variety of ways. Plaster is a common and affordable finishing option for concrete pools. You can further enhance your pool decor with tiles of various colors, designs or mosaics to improve the appearance of the pool. These also make the pool easy to clean. You can also choose to finish your pool with aggregate pool finishes that have small pebbles that give a natural feel to the pool. Quartz and glass beading are also fantastic options to provide the pool with a shiny and glittering appearance with a smooth finish.

Accessory Friendly

You can take your pick from many accessories which can add an element of fun and glamor too to your pool when you choose a gunite construction. You can add a waterfall for a natural look, a fun slide, steps for climbing or even a bench to sit on if you want to give your pool a tailor-made look that you've always wanted. You can also add a therapeutic spa to your pool if you have the budget for it and add an aspect of luxury to the pool. A diving board is also a great option provided the pool has sufficient depth.

Long-lasting Option

Gunite pools are sturdy and long-lived and give you many years of hassle-free service. This is because of their steel construction which makes them very strong and resilient to wear and tear.

Increases the Value Quotient

Many people appreciate these pools and consider them prestigious to have in their home. They make your home, or commercial space look glamorous and add value to the area they are constructed in.

Re-Sell for More

Gunite pools increase the overall worth of to your home or the commercial space they occupy so if you plan to resell your home or property, these pools can help you get a better selling price for it.

Installation of a Gunite Pool

Installation of this pool begins with digging out your pool space. You will need to dig up to a depth slightly deeper than what you need to allow for the basin to fit after surfacing. The next step involves establishing a plumbing system which suits your needs. The most important aspect is the installation of the rebar framework which supports the entire pool construction. 

The rebar framework consists of steel bars joined together and should include frames for any added features such as steps or stools. Once the framework is in place, a mixture of cement and sand called gunite is power-sprayed all over the steel to reinforce it. The gunite is sprayed with water over the next few days to allow proper curing of the comment mix. Once the gunite is dry, you can start selecting finishing options to suit your taste such as smooth quartz finishes, pebbled aggregate finishes or choose from a variety of tiled patterns to style your pool floor and walls. You can further install a coping or walking space around the pool and select a finish that matches the pool finish. Add water to the pool and get ready to be refreshed in the waters of your pool!

How Can I Maintain My Pool?

The maintenance of the pool is essential to give you good service without fear of contaminated water. If you have a plaster pool finish, you will need to ensure that algae do not find a home in your pool's walls because of its inherent roughness and porosity. Begin your pool maintenance by providing that all small objects are out of the pool by using a rake net. Empty your pool. You will then need to brush and clean all the surfaces to remove build-ups of algae. You can also vacuum away small debris and dirt for better cleaning.

Do remember to clean out the pool filter as well as it collects dirt from the pool water and can get clogged. Go on to test the chemicals in the pool to keep their levels balanced out. You will need to check the alkalinity and pH of the pool regularly particularly because gunite leaches alkalinity as well that alters pool water chemicals. You can also hire professional help to clean and maintain your pool. It is a good idea to begin cleaning your pool as soon as warm weather sets in to allow you to enjoy the summer months of swimming to full capacity.

Uses for a Gunite Pool

A gunite pool is used widely in varied spaces because of its tough construction and customizable features. Some areas where it is used include -

Home Swimming Pool

These pools are widely used to construct home swimming pools particularly because they can be built to adapt to any space or shape available to house it. They are long-lasting constructions that are well-suited to homes.

Community Pools

Gunite pools are often constructed in community spaces such as swimming clubs, and training pools amongst others. They are also used as community pools for residential apartment complexes because of their long-lasting built that can withstand multiple users and requires less frequent maintenance than vinyl pools.

Commercial Constructions

These pools are used often in commercial zones such as hotels because of their sturdiness and durability. They are also less prone to vandalism which can be a problem in commercial use pools.

gunite pool


Gunite pools are a good choice for homeowners who want a custom-made pool that fits into the space they have, unlike fiberglass ones. They are excellent choices for commercial spaces as well because of their tough construction. Maintenance may be slightly expensive but is not that frequently required as vinyl pools. They can be finished in many different ways to add your own personal touch to the pool and design, and you can also add accessories such as slides or barstools to create a pool space of your liking. So why wait for your custom designed and durable pool? Install a gunite pool and begin enjoying the benefits of your pool and amp the style quotient of your home or commercial zone.

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