If you are looking to put a pool in your backyard, a fiberglass pool can be the best option. Fiberglass pools are pre-molded and pre-designed, so installation is very easy when compared to concrete pools. Besides, they are strong and aesthetically appealing to give unlimited enjoyment for all members of the family. The advancements in gel coat and resins have made the fiberglass pools incredibly strong, flexible, UV resilient, and affordable. Fiberglass can withstand climatic changes by having more flexibility to flex in freeze/thaw conditions. Ice does not damage the surface of the fiberglass pool either.

The initial cost of installing a fiberglass pool will be higher than a vinyl swimming pool; however, the cost of a single liner replacement almost repays the initial cost difference. Cleaning and maintenance of fiberglass pools is easy as well. These pools don’t accumulate much dirt or require any hard scrapping. Also, there is no need for much chemicals when cleaning these pools. Your pool contractor can recommend the right cleaning method and cleaning materials to make the pools last long.

While maintaining a pool, remember to keep the pool filled with water at all times. This prevents cracking and buckling of pools.  While draining the pool for cleaning or other maintenance, consult a pool professional to prevent any damage to the pool.

When you invest in a new swimming pool, know about the pros and cons of the model you choose. Below, we will discuss all you need to know to get you on your way.

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The Pros of Fiberglass Pools

When compared to other pools, those made of fiberglass are more preferable due to their advantages.  They come in lasting colors that last long. They are not easily affected by chemicals, and installation and maintenance is a breeze. Considering the advantages the fiberglass pool offers, it will be the first choice of any homeowner who would like to install a pool in the backyard.

The fiberglass pools can be installed fast. A concrete or gunite pool can take as long as two months to install, while fiberglass pools can be installed in half the time. The speedy installation minimizes the interruptions to normal household activities. Fiberglass swimming pools are the quickest for installation, and weather does not affect the installation process.

These pools come in a finished condition with a smooth gel coat that prevents the growth of algae. It makes cleaning easy and fast. As the pool is non-porous, it doesn’t harbor microbes and hardly requires any serious maintenance during vacuuming and water line cleaning.  However, a concrete pool due to its porous nature can harbor bacteria and algae that make cleaning and maintenance cumbersome.

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The pools made of fiberglass have more aesthetic appeal as well. They allow for more customized designs for high-end installations. Custom pool designs, as well as tile, stone, and brick copings, are just a few of the options with which you can make the pool every bit as attractive as traditional pools. Also, these pools are compatible with both chlorine and salt pool systems. They do not interfere with the pH of the water and eliminate the need for using several chemicals. These pools come with a smooth surface that requires no refinishing.

Fiberglass swimming pools have great design options that come with molded steps, benches, coves, and sun deck configurations. The molds that create the swimming pool designs are very luxurious with better design options. They are tough and flexible. Any impact damage to the fiberglass pool can be repaired with no hassles on site. If the pool is professionally installed, there is no room for any impact damage.  Fiberglass pools are eco-friendly.  With lower operating costs and a longer lifespan, the fiberglass pool is a greener choice.

There is no chance for any for corrosion as the fiberglass pool is not affected by chemicals found in water. You get the best feel on your feet when you step into the water in fiberglass pools. The shell feels very solid with a firm, comfortable surface. You can opt for non-slip steps as additions in a fiberglass swimming pool. They provide safety while entering or exiting the pool.

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The Cons of Fiberglass Pools

The cons of fiberglass pools are mainly due to cost and installation issues. The pools should be installed only by professionals who are experienced in pool installation. The contractor should follow the instructions carefully during installation. Poor installation can lead to costly repairs, such as excavation and resurfacing of the pool in case of any leakage.

The smooth gel coat on the surface may be affected by the quality of water used in the pool. Poor pH condition and improper calcium balance in the water may affect the coating. These pools are initially more expensive than vinyl pools. However, the cost paid up front will make up for the convenience of low maintenance and low repair costs. All fiberglass pools look alike when they are new although the quality of materials used for making may not be the same. Use of inferior quality materials may not show up for 5-10 years in a fiberglass pool. Therefore, you have to choose the right builder for a quality installation.

The integrity of the shell over time depends on the grade of resin used and the method of construction. Since there are many variants of gel coat and resins, the consumer may not know what materials have been used for manufacturing the pool.  Therefore, it is important to buy the product from a reputable pool service company.

Fiberglass pools are not easily customized and can only be duplicated by the mold. The fiberglass mold is very expensive to build and maintain. Sizes and shapes of the pool are limited to the manufactures molds that are custom built in the factory.

Transportation to the site can be expensive that needs very careful handling. Most fiberglass pool damage occurs by inexperienced builders during delivery and installation. Limited bottom configurations and limited diving pool options are factors in fiberglass pool designs. The flat bottom design is not easily changed.

Fiberglass Pool Costs

Owning a pool is an expensive luxury for many homeowners due to a number of factors. Construction, installation, and maintenance are the major factors that make a pool expensive. The first factor that determines swimming pool cost is the size. A large-sized pool is more expensive. It is therefore advisable to go for a medium sized pool that is affordable. Your builder can give you advice on the type and size suitable you are re your lot.

The pool type is another important factor that determines pool cost.  For example, the construction of a concrete pool is more expensive whereas the vinyl pool is ideal for those who are on a budget.  The fiberglass pools come in various price ranges based on the quality of the material, size, shape, color, and other features.

The cost also depends on whether the homeowner needs the pool above the ground or inground. Generally, the inground type is more expensive because of its complexity in installation. For those who are on a budget, an above the ground pool is advisable. It is comparatively less expensive and as enjoyable as an inground pool.

When it comes to the cost of fiberglass pools, it is a matter of preferences. Some pool experts are of the opinion that a new fiberglass pool will run in the range of about $23,000 to $36,000 to install. It depends on the outlying factors such as pool decking and landscaping. Enquire for the price options from your local pool service for the right price.

If you are looking for a high-quality fiberglass pool with all its advantages installed in a short period, the initial investment may be relatively high. However, the price may vary from place to place. It is a good idea to contact a few local pool contractors who can give a clear idea about various pool manufacturers, quality of the pool, cost, transportation and installation charges. Based on the features you expect from the pool and the cost, you can decide about the pool of your choice.


A swimming pool is a great addition to your home. It adds beauty to your property while providing a good place for relaxation with your family or friends.

Fiberglass pools are made from reinforced plastic containing fiberglass molded into preferred shape, size, and color. Choosing the right pool is important to make sure you get the benefits of comfort, safety, and affordability.
Fiberglass pools are the preferred choice of people over other types of pools due to their ease of use, durability, quick installation, and relatively cheap price tag. These pools are attractive that can be an asset. Presence of a pool in your property enhances its value. The pool can be easily installed in a short period, ready for use by your family and friends. Unlike other pools, the pools made of fiberglass do not involve expensive maintenance. They discourage the growth of algae and make your pool hygienic.
These pools are weatherproof and long-lasting. They come in different shapes and colors. They may be customized to suit your property’s aesthetics. They come in the various price range. For the right fiberglass pool, consult your pool service company who can recommend the right type of pool based on your preferences and budget.

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